English Language Program

We also offer advanced EFT courses and masterclasses in English. Below you can find our English language program.


Have you completed training in Emotion Focused Therapy and want to learn from the EFT expert? You are most welcome to book one of our masterclasses.

In addition to the professional value, these classes offer a unique opportunity to share and network with like-minded EFT colleagues in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Use of Homework, Mapping Out Chair Interventions and Experiential Teaching to Integrate and Carry Forward In Session Work
02. - 04. May 2023
Online Masterclass
Dr. Serine Warwar
Registration by e-mail to anmeldung@ieft.de
The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy GbR (IEFT) in Munich apply to all courses.